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Parts of the Stink Bug - Montessori Works

If you read the title of this post and your reaction is “What’s a stink bug?” be thankful. The brown marmorated stink bug is an insect that was introduced to the United States by accident in 1998. It has now become an invasive pest in many states, Virginia is one of those. The stink bugs are now looking for a warm spot to pass the winter, our school must seem very cozy to them.

Our trusty bug catcher is used many times during the day, it is a shame the stink bugs release their smell when they are frightened, I am pretty tired of smelling stink bug.

It an effort to see the positive in a not so great situation, I made these parts of the stink bug cards. There are a few options for you to download and use.

First I have a blank stink bug paper. This way you can color your own “parts of” and use your own handwriting/script.

Parts of the Stink Bug - Montessori Works

Blank stink bug (PDF)

Next, here are the stink bug papers that I colored and my coworker labeled. As you will see there are two abdomens, one is crossed-out, I made a mistake. Just trying to keep it real Smile

Our “parts of” cards are cut out and mounted on individual pieces of construction paper. You can print these out and use them as-is, or use them as a guide when you color your own.

Parts of the Stink Bug - Montessori Works

Parts of stink bug (full PDF)

Finally, here are some definition cards. I have these glued to the back of the corresponding cards.

Parts of the Stink Bug - Montessori Works

stink bug definition cards (PDF)

We have the work set up so that the child can take the tray to their table. We read and discuss the parts of the stink bug, then they can color and label their own stink bug book. Of course I don’t have a picture of the work in action, I will try to take some tomorrow and post them on instagram, and update this post soon!

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7 thoughts on “parts of a stink bug

  1. What a timely post! Nashville has been covered with these, and my daughters (aged 9 and 12) have been a little bit obsessed. Thanks for posting!

  2. Ours are usually green, but they are all over. My kids would love these. I need to figureca way to incoorporate this!

  3. My son just brought me a wonderful leaf bug that he found in our garage, which has the same tendency to STINK as the stink bug when they are frightened! 🙂 I found your post to show the children and read them the facts about stink bugs really quick – it was a great mini-learning opportunity!

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