animals of europe giveaway!

Schleich animals of Europe giveaway | montessori works

Do you know what happened the other day? I realized I have blogged at montessori works for a year! Now that deserves a celebration. I think I will have some cake and a glass of wine, but I also have something for you (if cake and wine are not your thing).

I have put together a collection of five Schleich animals, a red deer, badger, white stork, red fox, and Scottish highland cow. All materials are brand new. To go with the objects I created four different pictures of each animal, and one information card for each animal (24 cards total). The pictures and information cards are mounted on red cardstock and are laminated and read for use in your class or home!

Schleich animals of Europe giveaway | montessori works

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Schleich animals of Europe giveaway | montessori works


42 thoughts on “animals of europe giveaway!

  1. My favorite cultural material by far is the pin flag set. For the Winter Olympics this year, I set up a pin flag work of all the Olympic nations–my kids LOVED it!

  2. Congratulations on a year of blogging! It’s so hard to choose a favorite Montessori cultural material … The puzzle maps are brilliant, obviously. I also love life cycles, and there’s an activity I’ve never seen outside my training that I think is just magical called The Sun Game.

  3. We’re really loving our maps and homemade culture boxes right now — the favourite has to be the international treats that I’ve tracked down to include!
    Congratulations on a year of blogging, here’s to many more!

  4. I was just observing a Montessori class that was learning about Italy and hand making pasta, cutting it with pasta cutting rollers and cooking it and eating ti of course! I love the hands on introduction to a countries culture.

  5. My favorite cultural Montessori work is cultural stories. My parents travel a lot and always bring with them a souvenir of some sort. Then I get to tell stories about the object. It’s lovely.

  6. My children are just little but my 2 year old loves the Sandpaper globe and the landform trays. She like to have coloured water in them and play with little Toob boats and cars.

    1. My children are just little but my 2 year old loves the Sandpaper globe and the landform trays. She like to have coloured water in them and play with little Toob boats and cars. (reposting because my blog name and contest name show differently)

  7. We have just ordered the cosmic nesting boxes from Waseca. Their materials are amazing and so beautiful. This work would be a wonderful addition to our European biome studies.

  8. Too hard to choose! I suppose i am drawn to teachings the continent map the most, the children love it which is always exciting!!

  9. I really love to follow what my son seems most interested in, so at the moment I’m really enjoying anything in the zoology area! My son is 2 and adores our terrarium we have on display in our nature area with little grubs we’ve found in our garden! Following your blog all the way down here from Australia and loving all the ideas and info! Thank you!

  10. Yay! We haven’t touched on Europe yet. These would be perfect for us! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and congratulations on your first year…that’s no small feat.

  11. I love homemade continent boxes! Collecting and sharing stories of the items! We’ve also done a postcard swap of the US states that was really fun!!

  12. Congratulations on reaching a year!! My favorite Montessori cultural activities are continent boxes and cooking. 🙂

  13. We love the continent boxes filled with figures and pictures. But I am hoping to concentrate on landforms this summer. I just have to decide on if I DIY or have my boys make them!!

  14. Continents are my favorite because once you start there is no end to the possibilities and there is something that will interest every child 🙂 and art works… and animals…. and music form other cultures… and !! the list reallt is endless!!

  15. My favorite cultural material are the puzzle maps because they can be used at so many different levels. My 3 year olds use them just as puzzles, and my 4 and 5 year olds trace them, and my 2 6 year olds have traced every continent, labeled each country, and then I laminated all of them and they made a cover for a big atlas. It is a work the children really use throughout their entire 3 year cycle in my classroom!

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