simple last minute egg decorating

simple last minute egg decorating | montessori works

Do you know when your dreams just don’t line up with reality? That’s what happened in our house this week. My dream was to make beautiful, vibrant, and natural Easter egg dyes. Imogen and I were going to chop and boil vegetables, soak the eggs, and stillĀ have time to experiment with mixing the natural dyes. I was planning on rivaling Martha Stewart.

Well, then it was Thursday, and I mentally planned out the rest of our days and realized, there was NO way that little dream of mine was going to work. Honestly, if I even planned dying any eggs, that I better get them in the water right this second.

I adopted this idea from melting crayons on hot rocks (I think I first saw it at Artful Parent). And, since nothing is new on the internet, a quick Google search shows that I am not the first person to think of using this technique with hot eggs.

Well, back to the beginning theme of this post, the real life version of melted crayon eggs was not a winner, nope not at all.

To go a little deeper — it work great on about the first 4 eggs. We kept the eggs in the pot of hot water, and only removed them and dried them right before we decorated them with the crayons. But, they still cooled too quickly. By my third egg it was easy to see that the crayon wax was not melting well, rather we were drawing on the eggs. And since we had a dozen more eggs waiting for some love, we needed to regroup quickly.

simple last minute egg decorating

< multimedia egg, crayon and watercolor on white eggshell. Spring 2014 >

Liquid water colors to the rescue! So, we just painted the eggs, which turned out to be the perfect solution. Plenty of creativity, plenty of washable mess, plenty of fun, and plenty of fuchsia.

simple last minute egg decorating

Making “secret” eggs was the highlight of the afternoon. We wrote messages and drew designs with a white crayon and gave them to each other to paint and discover the secret.

simple last minute egg decorating

Grab some eggs and some water colors, because you still have time for beautiful eggs!

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