Hi and welcome to montessori works, because you know, montessori works, and those nifty things on the shelf, well they’re works too.

I am Aimee Fagan, an AMS trained Montessori teacher living in Charlottesville, Virginia. I started this blog as a way to share and connect with other teachers, homeschoolers, and parents interested in Montessori.

Please say hi in the comments or email me at aimeefagan at gmail dot com

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  1. Love your color mixing shaving cream idea… we have a low sink in the classroom and we also have a color mix work that would blend perfect with this spring ‘snowflake’ work. Your beeswax candles are beautiful as well. I am going to try both!
    We made personal snow globes for Valentines Day with baby food jars and a picture of each child in a winter scene and a cupid mixed in, laminated, fine white glitter and a red ribbon. They all turned out so sweet…I would show you a picture but they were all taken home.

    1. hi your are beautiful montessori teacher i want to listen your lesson

    2. So glad to have found your site. i would love to be included in your blog

  2. Hi 😀
    this is Kinda from Syria.. I’m taking Montessori classes now and working on taking Montessori diploma 🙂

  3. Hi I have your sewing in the montessori classroom book – I love it, please can you tell me where you got your sewing cards from (the cute little cat)?

    Thank you

  4. Hi, very pleased to benefit from your blog. My name is Nada. I have a private montessori school in Saudi Arabia.

  5. Great job you have done. can you please send me a word document version of it?

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