Hungry? Try some French Yogurt Cake (PDF). A mostly independent baking project. (original post here)



Looking to add to your Sensorial Area? Here are some printable extension cards. (original post here)

Pink Tower and Broad Stair Extensions

Red Rod Extensions

Knobbed and Knobless Cylinder Extensions


Wondering about stink bugs? Here are nomenclature cards! (original post here)

Parts of stink bug

stink bug word cards

Blank stink bug

Parts of stink bug-page-0

Looking for a Montessori record keeping template? (original post here)

Record Keeping


Talking about Presidents or Money, here is a Presidential Money sorting work. (original post here)

President-Money Sorting Work



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  1. I started using your record keeping chart this past spring and it is the best one that I have found! I love it. So much easier that what I was using previously. Thank you for making it available.

  2. I wish you had a record keeping chart for 9-12. As an Upper El teacher new to Montessori, this type of record keeping would be so valuable!

  3. Fantastic, well planned and easy to use document. Thanks!

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